Can You Really Restore Hair Growth?

Hair loss is a common problem that many people face, both men and women. By age thiry twenty five percent of all men have started balding with that number increasing to two thirds by age sixty. There are various methods used to help stop hair loss as well as techniques to restore hair growth that can help counteract balding.

Hair restoration takes on many different forms. There are drug based treatements, transplant surgeries, and laser therapies that all have the common goal of preventing hairl loss and encouraging hair regrowth. The type and its effectiveness differs, and your doctor should recommend anything before you try it.

The two drug treaments approved by the FDA are finasteride and minoxidil (Propecia and Rogaine). These are topically applied and have a fairly good success rate of moderate to great hair regrowth. Still, they are only successful to any degree in about half of those who try them.

There are a few different transplant surgeries that can be done to restore hair growth. In either case there must be areas of continued hair growth from which to transplant. Either follicles are transplanted to balding patches or patches of skin with follicles are transplanted. With both of these the success rate depends on a number of factors, but it is increasingly possible to have hair replacement of this type that is completely undetectable.

After cosmetic hair transplant surgery, as with any surgery, you're body needs time to heal. During that time, as always, there are recommended methods to aid the healing process. In this case, using a laser treatment is one way to bring blood to the scalp to help aid in healing. This type of laser happens to be the same as those used to prevent hair loss and encourage regrowth.

There are a few different types of laser therapies available for those looking to restore hair growth. Some of these involve going into the office for a treatment session. This might be done on a regular basis for a period of time. There are also at home devices that have been FDA approved, These low level laser therapy (LLLT) combs stimulate the follicles to produce hair.

Because hair replacement is an interest to many people, and many people don't consider it something to see their doctor about, it is important to recognize that your doctor will understand your problem and be able to help you find the most viable solution in your situation.

Keep in mind that reducing stress in your lifestyle, and getting good aerobic exercise both have added effects of helping to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Making some basic changes before trying any other therapy is advised. Also, continuing those good habits even through hair restoration treatments will help to contribute to your gaining a more full head of hair.




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